BIS monitoring and evaluation

This series brings together all documents relating to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) monitoring and evaluation.

Monitoring and evaluation are important for policy development and delivery because they provide evidence of what is being produced, how it is being implemented and whether or not it is achieving its objectives.

At the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills our economists, statisticians and social researchers work closely with our policy colleagues to make sure the emerging understanding is timely and useful.


  1. GrowthAccelerator: monitoring surveys - commentary on year 1
  2. Research Councils impact reports 2013
  3. Community Learning Trust pilot: evaluation
  4. Community Learning Trust pilot: summary evaluation report
  5. Regional Growth Fund: annual monitoring report 2013
  6. Value of tier 4 international students to further education colleges and the UK economy: evaluation
  7. Community Learning Trust pilot evaluation report: set up stage
  8. Research Councils impact reports 2012: descriptive analysis of quantitative metrics
  9. Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme: economic evaluation
  10. National minimum wage: final government evidence to the Low Pay Commission 2012
  11. Unit delivery trials: assessment of learner benefits
  12. Evaluation of the deepened co-location (Jobcentre and Next Steps) trials
  13. Evaluation of the impact of capital expenditure in further education (FE) colleges
  14. Next Step service: an exploratory evaluation
  15. National minimum wage: interim government evidence to the Low Pay Commission 2012
  16. Apprenticeships evaluation 2011: learner and employer surveys
  17. Further education teachers' qualification regulations: outcomes, barriers and good practice
  18. Matrix standard for learning and work advice: response to the Tribal review
  19. Women on boards: six month monitoring report, October 2011
  20. Insured advice for small and medium businesses: impact of trial programmes
  21. Evaluation of National Skills Academies
  22. BIS equity finance programmes: qualitative reviews
  23. Increasing member participation at Equity: a Union Modernisation Fund project
  24. Companies Act 2006: executive summary of evaluation report
  25. Companies Act 2006: main findings of evaluation report (table)
  26. Companies Act 2006: evaluation report (volume 1)
  27. Companies Act 2006: appendices to evaluation (volume 2)
  28. National Illegal Money Lending Project: interim evaluation
  29. National Illegal Money Lending Project: summary of interim evaluation
  30. Skills account trials: evaluation of universal, IES and level 3 trials
  31. Union modernisation fund round 2: final evaluation report
  32. Solutions for Business products: monitoring use
  33. BIS equity fund initiatives: early assessment
  34. Online basics pilot: evaluation summary
  35. Online basics learning programme: pilot evaluation
  36. Enterprise Act 2002: evaluation of the impact of the provisions covering market studies and market investigations
  37. Evaluation of the UK-Russia BRIDGE programme: final report
  38. UK Research council system: overview of economic impact
Published 27 September 2013
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  1. Added new document: GrowthAccelerator: monitoring surveys - commentary on year 1
  2. Added Research Councils impact reports 2013: trends in inputs, outputs and outcomes
  3. Added Community Learning Trust pilot: evaluation
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