MOD regional expenditure with UK industry and supported employment: index

Statistics on MOD expenditure with UK industry, broken down by both region and industry group.

Change to methodology: The 2016/17 version of the MOD Regional Expenditure with UK Industry and Supported employment is due to be published on 1 March 2018. While preparing the data for this latest report it has been identified that the attribution of expenditure by Electronic Procurement Cards (ePC) in the 2015/16 report could be better applied. ePC cards allow individual units to process small value purchases of goods and services. In the 2015/16 version all of the recorded expenditure (just over £250 million) was attributed to 2 sites in the north-east and London where the payments are administered.

As the expenditure on these ePC cards will actually take place across the whole country and will benefit all areas in which the card is used it is considered that the expenditure would be better distributed based on the location of the MOD military and civilian personnel who use the card. It is planned to apply this distribution to the 2016/17 report and to revise figures for the previous 3 years in this latest publication.


Published 16 March 2017
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