Migrant health guide

Advice and guidance on the health needs of migrant patients for healthcare practitioners.

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Find country-specific information relevant to migrant health on the Countries A to Z page of the migrant health guide.

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Vulnerable migrant groups

Communicable diseases

Outbreak management

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Published 26 March 2021
Last updated 7 February 2023 + show all updates
  1. Added a link to 'Outbreak management in short term asylum seeker accommodation' to the outbreak management section.

  2. Link to Roma health guidance has been added to Vulnerable migrant groups section

  3. Temporarily removing information on the National Asylum Seekers Health Steering Group to correct formatting.

  4. Creation of new page for the National Asylum Seekers Health Steering Group.

  5. Added new 'Social prescribing: migrant health guide'.

  6. First published.