Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO)

Civilian housing options; information for service personnel and their dependants.


The JSHAO is the MOD’s tri-service focal point to provide service personnel and their dependants with civilian housing information for those wishing to move to civilian accommodation at any time in their career, and for those during resettlement to assist with the transition to civilian life.

JSHAO contact details

Floor 2, Zone 2
Montgomery House
Queens Avenue
GU11 2JN


JSHAO telephone advice line: 01252 787574

Service family accommodation (SFA)

CarillionAmey, on behalf of MOD manages a comprehensive maintenance service; the allocation of properties; SFA furniture; conducting move in and move out appointments; and the provision of improvements. Contact details available on the CarillionAmey website.

For enquiries about loss of entitlement to SFA resulting from retirement, redundancy, discharge or estrangement, please contact the DIO Loss of Entitlement Team by telephoning 01904 418000 or 94510 8000. Alternatively, you can contact the by email:

Civilian housing briefs

An annual briefing programme is available by clicking on the link below, which are open to all service personnel and their families, at any stage of their service career. Places should be booked by emailing the relevant local point of contact listed.

Housing Matters magazine

JSHAO produces quarterly editions of the Housing Matters; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter with a 10,000 copy distribution. The intention is to convey as much relevant information to the reader in as timely a fashion as possible. The magazine focuses on different regions within the UK, particularly in relation to Local Authority information, and contains information and articles designed to help you when you are considering your civilian housing options.

  1. Housing Publications
  2. Housing Matters magazine: index of articles published
  3. Housing Matters magazine 2019
  4. Housing Matters magazine 2018
  5. Housing Matters magazine 2017
  6. Housing Matters magazine 2016
  7. Housing Matters magazine 2015
  8. Housing Matters magazine 2014
  9. Housing Matters magazine 2013
  10. Housing Matters magazine 2012
  11. Housing Matters magazine 2011
  12. Housing Matters magazine 2010

JSHAO leaflets

MOD Referral Scheme

The MOD Referral Scheme run by JSHAO was set up to assist those discharging from the armed forces who couldn’t afford to get on the property ladder and were envisaging having to rent via their local authority. Through this scheme some housing associations support those who would otherwise have problems being prioritised high enough to have a realistic chance of being housed by local authorities.

  1. MOD Referral Scheme: a guide

Single service leavers

Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex-Services (SPACES) is designed to help single service leavers to find appropriate accommodation when they leave. Through this service the project reduces the likelihood of ex-services personnel becoming homeless or sleeping rough after discharge. To find out more visit: SPACES or read the JSHAO leaflet 11 SPACES on the page below.

Services Cotswold Centre

The Services Cotswold Centre (SCC) is a tri-Service facility that provides short term transit accommodation for service personnel, their spouses, civil partners and families. Find out more information about the service they can provide in the link below.

  1. Services Cotswold Centre

Further advice and information

Veterans’ Gateway launched in April 2017 and should be the first point of contact for veterans seeking support.

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