Innovations in the built environment

Government funding for innovation in energy efficiency and heating technologies.

Innovation is crucial to transforming the UK energy system to meet carbon reduction targets and achieve our clean growth ambitions.

Innovate UK, Research Councils and BEIS expect to invest around £184 million in research and innovation in the built environment.

As part of this commitment, within the BEIS Energy Innovation Programme, BEIS expects to invest around £90 million in low carbon heating and energy efficiency options for UK homes and businesses.

Green Home Finance Innovation Fund competition

This competition provides funding to projects which develop innovative green mortgages and other lending products.

Electrification of heat demonstration project

This project provides £16.5 million to demonstrate the feasibility of a large-scale transition to heat electrification by installing heat pumps in a representative range of homes.

Whole House Retrofit (WHR) competition

The Whole House Retrofit cost reduction trajectory competition is a key early step in accelerating a reduction in domestic retrofit costs. It makes available around £9.4 million.

Smart Meter Enabled Thermal Efficiency Ratings (SMETER)

This funding scheme aims to develop, test and demonstrate technologies that measure the thermal performance of homes, using smart meter and other data.

Modern Energy Partners project: public sector energy efficiency

Reducing energy consumption in, and greenhouse gas emissions from, the public-sector estate helps reduce costs to taxpayers and enables the UK to meet carbon budgets.

The Modern Energy Partners pilot project will explore novel ways to drive more ambitious efforts to reduce consumption and emissions across the public-sector estate.

Building for 2050

This project aims to examine the barriers to developing low cost, low carbon housing.

  1. Building for 2050

Low carbon heating technology innovation

This scheme aims to develop technologies that reduce the carbon emissions associated with providing heat and hot water to UK buildings.

Building thermal efficiency innovation

Grant scheme to develop technologies and approaches to improving the energy efficiency of existing UK buildings.

Hydrogen for heating project

This project explores the potential use of hydrogen gas for heating UK homes and businesses.

  1. Hydrogen for heating project

Smart Systems and Heat (SSH) programme

This programme aims to overcome the barriers to the decarbonisation of residential heat.

Published 12 October 2017