Initial teacher training (ITT)

Guidance for providers on initial teacher training (ITT).

This information is for existing initial teacher training (ITT) providers offering ITT provision. It provides guidance and support on all aspects of running your ITT programme.

You can work with the Department for Education (DfE) to offer ITT teacher training through the following routes:

  • provider-led - run by higher education institutes (HEIs) or school centred initial teacher training (SCITT) providers
  • School Direct (fee funded) and School Direct (salaried) - run by schools

For School Direct provider guidance visit our School Direct collection.

We do not allocate places to ITT providers for:

  • Teach First - intensive work-based training for high academic achievers
  • assessment only - for professionals who do not require training to demonstrate the Teachers’ Standards

If you’d like to become a teacher, visit Get into Teaching.

Access the systems you need to submit data for ITT collections

Running your ITT programme

Closing your ITT provision

If you no longer want to offer ITT, you must follow the ITT provider closure guidance.

If you’re deemed non-compliant with the ITT criteria either by Ofsted during an initial teacher education inspection or by DfE, you may enter the accreditation withdrawal process.

ITT statistics

In order for schools to make well-informed decisions about the partners they work with, we recommend looking at the following statistics when choosing a partner provider for ITT.

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