Environmental management – collection

Horizontal guidance: environmental permitting

This document collection was withdrawn on 1 February 2016

Withdrawn on 1 February 2016 because some of the documents have been replaced by new versions. See:

The following H series documents are still current:

Information relevant to all industry and business sectors regulated under the environmental permitting regulations.

This guidance will help businesses understand what measures they need to put in place to comply with their permit.

H1 software tool

For a copy of the H1 software tool (Microsoft Access 2003), email enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk

You can download a copy of the user guide for the tool from the H1 guidance link below.

H3 Noise assessment and control

  1. Environmental permitting: H3 part 2 noise assessment and control

    • Statutory guidance
  2. Noise impact assessment: information requirements

    • Guidance

H4 Odour management

  1. Environmental permitting: H4 odour management

    • Guidance

H5 Site condition report

Guidance and templates.

  1. Environmental permitting: H5 Site condition report

    • Form

Nature and heritage pre-application

  1. Environmental permit: nature and heritage conservation screening

    • Form