HM Revenue and Customs: Research Working Papers

Research, analysis and evaluation working papers produced by or on behalf of HM Revenue and Customs.

Working Papers

  1. Diverted Profits Tax yield: methodological note
  2. Econometric Analysis of Cigarette Consumption in the UK
  3. Evaluation of Research and Development Tax Credit
  4. Estimation of price elasticities of demand for alcohol in the UK
  5. Evaluating the Impact of the Rural Fuel Duty Relief
  6. Measuring customer experience: Customers find HMRC straightforward to deal with
  7. Evaluating the Impact of Stamp Duty Land Tax First Time Buyer’s Relief
  8. The practicality of a top down approach to the direct tax gap
  9. Measuring the customer experience that the tax system is simple and even-handed
  10. Econometric Analysis of Alcohol Consumption in the UK
  11. Costing Customer Time
  12. Evaluating the announcement of back-dated Anti-Avoidance Legislation
  13. Measuring the “tax gap” – an update (2005)
  14. Tax Gap Analysis for Direct Taxes (2008)
  15. Evaluating the labour market impact of Working Families' Tax Credit
  16. Welfare-to-Work, Wages and Wage Growth
  17. Did Working Families’ Tax Credit work?
  18. Take-up of Family Credit and Working Families’ Tax Credit
  19. Estimating Models of Benefit Take-up
Published 15 October 2014