Further education and sixth-form college governors

Information for further education and sixth-form college governors

This document collection is designed to bring a variety of different information together which is relevant for further education and sixth-form college governors.


Information about the intervention actions available to the Education Funding Agency and Skills Funding Agency.

  1. ESFA Post-16: intervention and accountability

    • Guidance

Area reviews of post-16 provision

Information about area reviews.

  1. Post-16 education and training institutions review

    • Policy paper
  2. Post-16 education and training institutions review

    • Policy paper
  3. Further education area reviews: how they work

    • Guidance
  4. Post-16 education and training institutions: list of area reviews

    • Policy paper
  5. Area reviews and reshaping the college sector: FE Commissioner letter (November)

    • Correspondence
  6. FE Commissioner intervention reports: June 2014 to May 2016

    • Decision
  7. Convert to an academy: guide for sixth-form colleges

    • Guidance

Charitable trustees

Information about what being a charity trustee involves.

  1. Charity trustee: what’s involved (CC3a)

    • Guidance

Financial management and health

Information about financial health, management and reporting for colleges.

  1. 16 to 19 education: financial management and assurance

    • Guidance
  2. SFA financial assurance: funding assurance review programmes

    • Guidance
  3. ESFA: financial planning handbook and financial plan

    • Guidance

Funding and finance

Information on the funding rules for Education Funding Agency and Skills Funding Agency funded institutions.

  1. 16 to 19 education: funding guidance

    • Guidance
  2. Capital transactions: sixth-form colleges

    • Statutory guidance
  3. SFA capital funding: evaluation documents

    • Form

Further education and skills statistics and data

Information about further education statistics and data.

  1. FE data library: further education and skills

    • Statistical data set
  2. FE data library: local authority tables

    • Statistical data set

Intervention and prevention

Information on early intervention and prevention.

Summary reports and letters, issued to sixth-form colleges that are subject to government intervention, that serve to drive improvement at colleges.

Letters to chairs of further education and sixth form colleges from the Further Education Commissioner and ministers.

  1. Intervention work in Skills Funding Agency and Education Funding Agency

    • Correspondence
  2. ESFA: current notices of concern

    • Guidance

Learner satisfaction survey

The learner Satisfaction survey captures learners’ experiences of their college or training organisation.

  1. FE Choices learner satisfaction survey 2014 to 2015

    • Research and analysis