Finance Bill 2019-20

Supporting documents for Finance Bill 2019-20, the vehicle for renewing annual taxes, delivering new tax proposals and maintaining administration of the tax system.

Draft legislation published for Finance Bill 2019-20

The government is committed, where possible, to publishing most tax legislation in draft for technical consultation before the relevant Finance Bill is laid before Parliament.

The consultation on draft clauses is intended to make sure that the legislation works as intended.

The final contents of ‘Finance Bill 2019-20’ will be subject to confirmation at Budget 2019.

Each measure is accompanied by:

  • a tax information and impact note (TIIN) which sets out what the legislation seeks to achieve, why the government is undertaking the change and a summary of the expected impacts
  • draft legislation
  • an explanatory note which provides a more detailed guide to the legislation

Also included are the impacting definitions for the tax information and impact notes and the Financial Secretary to the Treasury’s declaration about the tax information and impact notes.

The consultation will close on 5 September 2019.

On 31 October 2019 the Government announced that it would introduce legislation in Finance Bill 2019-20 to put beyond doubt that HMRC’s use of large scale automated processes to give certain statutory notices, and to carry out certain functions is, and always has been, fully supported by legislation. This measure will have effect both prospectively and retrospectively. Further details can be found on Securing the tax base: affirming the legislative framework for HMRC to use automated processes.

Finance Bill 2019-20 has become Finance Bill 2020. Read additional supporting documents for Finance Bill 2020.

Income Tax draft legislation

Chargeable Gains legislation

Corporation Tax legislation

Corporation Tax and Income Tax legislation

Digital Services Tax legislation

Other taxes legislation

Miscellaneous legislation

Published 11 July 2019