Brexit regulatory position statements

Environmental permitting and licensing: when we will not take action if you cannot comply because of Brexit.

This collection was withdrawn on

The regulatory position statements in this collection have expired.

The Environment Agency recognises the difficult circumstances faced by businesses because of Brexit.

We expect businesses to have contingency plans to help them comply with regulatory requirements and minimise any non-compliance that unavoidably occurs.

To help businesses cope with disruption, we have published these temporary Brexit regulatory position statements (Brexit RPSs) for the activities we regulate. They will help you minimise risks to the environment where, for reasons beyond your control, compliance with certain regulatory requirements is not possible due to the circumstances of Brexit.

These Brexit RPSs do not absolve you from your responsibility to comply with environmental regulation. If you wish to use a Brexit RPS you must comply with its:

  • specific conditions
  • requirements concerning pollution and harm to human health

If you do this, we will not normally take enforcement action against you.

Published 1 April 2019