UK Ship register large yacht services, yacht management

A collection of documents and guidance for operations and crew of large commercial yachts.

Yacht related information and guidance about

  • crew agreements
  • fresh water
  • manning
  • M-notices
  • musters and training
  • working over the side
  • official log books

Log books

All large commercial yachts are required to keep an official log book by the Merchant Shipping (Official Log Books) Regulations 1981, as amended in 1985, 1991 and 1997. The Regulations also detail the types of entry to make.

Order log books from EC Group or via email

M notices for yacht crew

  1. LY3: the large commercial yacht code
  2. MGN 71 Muster, drill, onboard training, decision support system
  3. MGN 299 (M+F) Inappropriate use of mobile phones whilst on duty
  4. MGN 315 (M) Keeping a safe navigational watch on merchant vessels
  5. MGN 343 Hydrostatic release units: stowage and arrangements for liferafts
  6. MGN 385 (M+F) Pollution by sewage and garbage from ships
  7. MGN 440 Measures to counter piracy, armed robbery
  8. MGN 442 Alternative training standards for helicopter operations
  9. MGN 453 Fire retardent treatment for large commercial yachts
  10. MGN 578 (M) Overside working on vessels
  11. MSN 1781 Amendment 2: The merchant shipping regulations 1996: COLREG
  12. MSN 1792 The large commercial yacht code (LY2)
  13. MSN 1807 Prevention of pollution by sewage and garbage from ships
  14. MIN 417 Carbon fibre masts and spars

Musters and training

The Merchant Shipping (Musters, Training and Decision Support Systems) Regulations 1999 lay down requirements for large commercial yachts, such as:

  • muster list and emergency instructions
  • practice crew drills
  • practice passenger musters
  • abandon ship drills
  • fire drills
  • on board training and instructions
  • records to be kept


This group contains information about:

  • applying for a safe manning document
  • training and certification of deck officers, engineer officers and ratings on yachts

Read more about UK seafarer careers

  1. Apply for a safe manning document

Working over the side

Working over the side

Most rail and trolley systems currently fitted on the sides of motor yachts are not approved for man riding, and accidents have happened.

To address this, MCA has produced guidance on what’s required to have systems which are fit for purpose.

  1. MGN 578 (M) Overside working on vessels
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