Energy Technology List: application checklists

Checklists listed by product type, for companies applying for inclusion of a product on the Energy Technology List.

Note that if only one part of a product is eligible for an Enhanced Capital Allowance, eg a motor within a larger piece of equipment, then you should refer to the claim values document for the eligible products in this category, listed by brand name.

See the Energy Technology Criteria List, to find the amount that can be claimed for that element.

Application checklists

Automatic monitoring and targeting equipment

Boiler equipment

Compressed air equipment

Heat pumps

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment


Motors and drives

Radiant and warm air heaters

Refrigeration equipment

  1. ETL application checklist: air blast coolers

    • Form
  2. ETL application checklist: air-cooled condensing units

    • Form
  3. ETL application checklist: automated permanent refrigerant leak detection systems

    • Form
  4. ETL application checklist: cellar cooling equipment

    • Form
  5. ETL application checklist: curtains, blinds, doors and covers for refrigerated display cabinets

    • Form
  6. ETL application checklist: evaporative condensers

    • Form
  7. ETL application checklist: packaged chillers (ESEER)

    • Policy paper
  8. ETL application checklist: professional refrigerated storage cabinets

    • Form
  9. ETL application checklist: refrigerated display cabinets

    • Form
  10. ETL application checklist: refrigeration compressors

    • Form
  11. ETL application checklist: refrigeration system controls

    • Form

Waste heat to electricity conversion equipment

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