Compensation Recovery Unit

The Compensation Recovery Unit recovers social security benefits in certain compensation cases and NHS costs in certain injury cases.

The Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU), as part of Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), works with insurance companies, solicitors and any DWP customers, to recover:

  • amounts of social security benefits paid as a result of an accident, injury or disease, if a compensation payment has been made (the Compensation Recovery Scheme)
  • costs incurred by NHS hospitals and Ambulance Trusts for treatment from injuries from road traffic accidents and personal injury claims (Recovery of NHS Charges)

Register and manage compensation claims

Information on registering and managing a claim where benefits or NHS costs are to be recovered. Find contact and payment details for the Compensation Recovery Unit.

Guidance and forms

Guidance and forms for compensators and their representatives.


Information for CRU customers including compensators, their representatives and personal injury claims managers.


CRU publishes data on its performance and on recoveries under the 2008 Diffuse Mesothelioma Scheme.

If you've claimed compensation

These guides are for people who have claimed compensation.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

Recovery of benefits following an Employment Tribunal award

Find out how to contact or make a payment to the National Recoupment Team.

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Published 1 September 2013
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  1. Information about registering a claim and contacting the Compensation Recovery Unit has now been removed. A new page with this information is linked. Please visit 'Register and manage claims with the Compensation Recovery Unit'.

  2. Added guidance about recovery of benefits following an Employment Tribunal award.

  3. Updated the information about CRU e-service, our new digital service.

  4. Added the Compensation Recovery Unit customer satisfaction survey 2021.

  5. Added information explaining how external customers can get involved in research for a new CRU digital service.

  6. Added a link to the Video Relay Service (VRS).

  7. The quickest way to contact the Compensation Recovery Unit during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is by email or post. Phone numbers have been removed to reflect this.

  8. Added the Compensation Recovery Unit customer satisfaction survey 2019.

  9. Added the Compensation Recovery Unit customer satisfaction survey 2018.

  10. Revised contact CRU phone numbers for: contacts for claims that have been registered, customer feedback team and right of access requests. Changed made to CRU address, too.

  11. Removed Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) Customer Service Managers contact information due to restructuring to our debt centre. New contact information will be added at a later date.

  12. Updated CRU contacts for Customer service managers for disease, assessments customer service managers and Universal Credit.

  13. Compensation Recovery Unit customer satisfaction survey 2018 added to the collection.

  14. Revised Contact CRU, Customer service managers by removing 'Compensation and personal injury cases' section and adding contact to 'Assessments customer service manager' list.

  15. Updated customer service manager information.

  16. Compensation Recovery Unit have been having problems with electronic files since Monday, 1 July 2018. We are working to fix the problem and will let you know when we have. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  17. Changed fax number for CRU Clinical negligence claims to 0191 225 2645.

  18. Revised CRU contact information for Customer Service Managers (Disease, Universal Credit and Customer feedback team manager).

  19. Revised CRU contact information for 'Dispute resolution team and reviews'.

  20. Revised CRU contact information for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

  21. Changed 'DWP CRU bank account to be used for payments' details.

  22. Updated Customer Service Manager for diseases and added contact for Universal Credit.

  23. Revised Data Protection phone number to: 0191 225 2547.

  24. Added new CRU email address for Clinical Negligence.

  25. Added a note stating the CRU e-service will be unavailable from 8pm on Friday 9 December to 3:05am on Saturday 10 December.

  26. Updated Customer Service Manager (compensation and personal injury cases and customer feedback team manager) and data protection contact details.

  27. Added new CRU email address for Freedom of Information requests.

  28. Changed Data protection and Freedom of Information phone number

  29. CRU customer feedback team telephone number changed to: 019 225 2347.

  30. Updated Contact CRU 'Customer Service Managers' - NHS and Clinical Negligence and Disease.

  31. Updated 'Contacts for claims that have been registered' - NHS cases and 'Customer Service Manager' - NHS cases.

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  33. Changes to Customer Service Managers.

  34. Added section: How to make a CRU payment.

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  36. Published a report of findings from the 2014 customer satisfaction survey.

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