Companies House business stories

We go behind the scenes and hear first-hand experiences of setting up and running a small business.

These stories highlight the broad range of small businesses in the UK.

We speak to small business owners about how they have set up their companies and what services and support they used to achieve their ambitions.

They describe the challenges and advantages of owning your own business and provide advice on how to get started.

Hard Lines Limited

Matt and Sophie turned their passion for coffee and vinyl records from a pop-up stall to a successful company with 2 premises. They speak about the challenges they faced when they were setting up their business.

Hard Lines Limited.

Podcast: Hard Lines Limited.

  1. Hard Lines

Lullabyz Nursery Limited

Over the past 6 years, Nicola’s team at her nursery has grown from 5 to 34 employees. As both manager and owner, she speaks about how she manages her time and her responsibilities as a director.

Lullabyz Nursery Limited.

Podcast: Lullabyz Nursery Limited

  1. Lullabyz Nursery

Bear Pit Theatre Ltd

With little experience of running a company, a small group of actors turned their ambitious plans for a community theatre into a reality. Three of the founding directors speak about the importance of running a sustainable business.

Bear Pit Theatre Ltd.

Podcast: Bear Pit Theatre Ltd.

  1. Bear Pit Theatre
Published 30 November 2018