Community Action - Publications

Reports, articles, data and analysis on how government is empowering communities to take action on the issues that matter to them.

This is part of government’s wider work to grow social action. You can find out more by reading this summary on social action or by viewing our discussion paper ‘Social Action - Harnessing the Potential’.

The government’s approach to community organising

The government is funding the recruitment and training of Community Organisers. Community Organisers are trained local leaders who inspire local communities to make change happen through collective action.

They talk to local residents, listen to the changes they believe their local area needs, bring people together and then support them to act.

Analysis and Evaluation

During the last Parliament, government invested over £110 million in programmes which encourage community action in a range of ways. The role of small grants (Community First Neighbourhood Match Fund); people on the ground (Community Organisers) and support for local authority led initiatives (Cities of Service) have all been tested.

Community First Neighbourhood Match Fund

Community Organisers

Cities of Service

Data release

Published 20 March 2017