Common transfer file (CTF) and co-ordinated admissions data

CTF documents and co-ordinated admissions files for software suppliers of school and local authority management information systems.

The last 3 years documents are available, for previous years go to the UK Government Web Archive.

Common transfer file (CTF)

Schools and local authorities use the CTF to send pupil data when a pupil transfers from one school to another.

Co-ordinated admissions data transfer

Information on the electronic transfer of co-ordinated admissions data.

Published 23 January 2014
Last updated 25 April 2023 + show all updates
  1. Added 'Common transfer file 23: specification'.

  2. Added 'Co-ordinated admissions 2024: series 20 files'.

  3. Added 'Co-ordinated admissions 2023: series 19 files'.

  4. Added 'Common transfer file 22: specification'.

  5. Added 'Co-ordinated admissions 2022: series 18 files' to the 'Co-ordinated admissions data transfer' section.

  6. Added 'Common transfer file 21: specification'.

  7. Added 'Co-ordinated admissions 2021: series 17 files'.

  8. Added 'Common transfer file 20: specification'.

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  11. Added 'Co-ordinated admissions 2019: series 15 files'.

  12. Added 'Common transfer file 18: specification amd schema' to the 'Common transfer file' group.

  13. Added 'Co-ordinated admissions 2018: series 14 files'.

  14. Added 'Common transfer file 17: specification'.

  15. Added link to common transfer file 16.

  16. Added 'Common transfer file 15: specification and schema'.

  17. Added CTF 14 technical spec.

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