Cold weather plan for England

This plan helps prevent the major avoidable effects on health during periods of cold weather in England.

The cold weather plan for England remains unchanged for winter 2020 to 2021. Additional actions may be needed due to COVID-19 and specific resources are available below.


Cold weather and COVID-19 resources

Resources and guidance

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published a guideline and quality standard on excess winter deaths and illness and the health risks associated with cold homes:

  • NICE guideline NG6: Excess winter deaths and illness and the health risks associated with cold homes. This guideline covers reducing the health risks (including preventable deaths) associated with living in a cold home. The guideline is for those with an interest in health and housing, such as those working in local authorities, the NHS or other organisations in the public, private, voluntary and community sectors

  • A quick guide for home care managers: a NICE resource to aid the implementation of NICE guideline 6

  • Quality standard QS 117: Preventing excess winter deaths and illnesses associated with cold homes

Both NG6 and QS 117 support and develop many recommendations made in the Cold Weather Plan for year-round (level 0) and seasonal (level 1) approaches.


Published 15 October 2015
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