Clostridioides difficile ribotyping network (CDRN) service

The CDRN laboratory provides access to Clostridioides difficile culture, ribotyping and enhanced fingerprinting services, according to standardised submission criteria.

National Clostridium difficile ribotyping network (CDRN) services are centralised at UKHSA laboratory Leeds (Reference Laboratory, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust).

The laboratory carries full UKAS accreditation (ISO 15189:2012) customer number 10883.


There are standardised criteria for submission of faecal samples for ribotyping.

There is a prescribed 14-day turnaround time for this test.

C. difficile toxin-positive faecal samples or C. difficile isolates can be submitted for this test.

Enhanced fingerprinting

Enhanced fingerprinting using multilocus variable tandem-repeat analysis (MLVA) is also available on request.

There are criteria for submission of enhanced fingerprinting requests.

There is a prescribed 14-day turnaround time for this test.

No further material needs to be submitted for this test.


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