Alcohol and drug misuse prevention and treatment guidance

Information and other resources to support commissioners, service providers and others providing alcohol and drug interventions.

Healthcare professionals can use these guidance documents, information and resources to help with providing and improving alcohol and drug misuse prevention and treatment services.

Visit Preventing and reducing drug related harm for information and other resources to support alcohol and drug service providers reduce harm and prevent deaths related to substance misuse.

Visit Alcohol and drugs evidence reviews and inquiries for reports on evidence reviews and the outcomes of inquiries around substance misuse, smoking and vaping, and gambling.

Visit Public health in prisons and secure settings for guidance and resources on alcohol and drug treatment in prisons and secure settings.

Visit Alcohol and drug misuse and treatment statistics for reports and datasets on the prevalence and treatment of alcohol and drug misuse treatment in England.

Alcohol and drug treatment guidance

Guidance for commissioners

Drug and alcohol screening and treatment tools

Public Health England (PHE) has made available the NHS alcohol brief advice tool and cannabis health check-up tool.

These brief advice tools should be used by health and social care professionals with people whose alcohol or cannabis use is identified as ‘increasing’ or ‘higher risk’ by the Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Tool-Lite (ASSIST-Lite) risk identification tool.

Guidance for health and care professionals

Substance misuse and mental health

Alcohol and tobacco use in hospital patients

Professional roles in alcohol and drug misuse treatment

PHE has published guidance on the role of professionals in alcohol and drug misuse treatment. It has also supported guidance published by others on the role of social workers and the role of clinical psychologists.

Parental substance misuse

Preventing drug and alcohol problems

Service quality improvement

Opioid substitution treatment: good practice resources

PHE’s opioid substitution treatment (OST) good practice programme was established to improve the quality of OST in England. PHE, together with a working group of service providers, commissioners and service user representatives, produced a collection of practical resources to help services better implement existing clinical guidance.

The Best practice in Optimising Opioid Substitution Treatment (BOOST) e-learning programme provides drug treatment and recovery professionals with the information they need to deliver good quality OST to service users. It includes short films showing typical clinical conversations between people who are on OST and their drug treatment and recovery workers.

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