Getting a discount on your energy bill

The Energy Bill Support Scheme gave every household a £400 discount on their energy bills for winter 2022 to 2023. This ended in March 2023.

The discount was automatic. If you get a message asking for your bank details, this could be a scam. You can report messages you think are suspicious.


All households with a domestic electricity connection in England, Scotland and Wales were eligible for the discount.

You’ll still get the discount if:

  • you change your payment method or tariff
  • you switch electricity supplier or move to a new address
  • your supplier goes bust
  • you’re in arrears on your electricity bill payments

The way you get support is different if you live in a park, mobile or care home or off-grid.

If you’re in Northern Ireland

You should automatically have got a £600 payment towards your energy bill through the Northern Ireland Energy Bills Support Scheme.

How you’ll get the discount

You did not need to apply for the discount, and there was no need to contact your energy supplier.

The discount was applied to your household electricity bill for 6 months starting in October 2022. You got:

  • £66 in October and November
  • £67 in December, January, February and March

You’ll get the discount monthly, even if you pay for your energy quarterly or use a payment card.

If you did not get a payment, contact your energy supplier.

If you pay by Direct Debit

You’ll get the discount automatically either as:

  • a reduction to your monthly Direct Debit amount
  • a refund to your bank account after the monthly Direct Debit collection

If you pay by credit or debit card

Your discount will be automatically applied as a credit to your account in the first week of each month.

If you have a smart prepayment meter

Your discount will be credited directly to your smart prepayment meter in the first week of each month.

If you have a traditional prepayment meter

You’ll automatically get the discount each month as either:

  • redeemable vouchers, sent by text, email or post
  • an automatic credit when you top up at your usual top-up point

Your electricity supplier will let you know in advance how you will get your discount.

You’ll need to redeem vouchers at a top-up point, for example at a Post Office or PayPoint shop. Payzone outlets do not accept the vouchers.

You will never be asked for personal information, such as bank details, to get this payment.

Vouchers expire after 90 days. If your voucher does expire, you can ask for it to be reissued.

All vouchers must be redeemed by 30 June 2023.

Your supplier will contact you if you do not redeem your voucher.

Some suppliers may allow you to transfer EBSS payments from your electricity meter to your gas meter.