Get copies of patent, trade mark or design documents

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You can get copies of documents if you need to prove who owns or has applied for a UK patent, trade mark or design registration.

There are 2 types of copy – certified and uncertified.

You can also request a replacement of the registration certificate.

Certified copy

This is an official document, also called a Certificate of the Registrar.

You need a certified copy to:

  • register a piece of intellectual property (IP) outside the UK
  • prove legal ownership of intellectual property, such as in a court case

Uncertified copy

An uncertified copy is a photocopy or digital copy of the details on the register. You can use this for research or personal use.

Replacement certificates

A replacement certificate is a reissue of the registration certificate.

This is not included when you request a certified or uncertified copy.

You need a good reason to get a replacement certificate - for example, you’ve lost the original or did not receive it.