You can order an uncertified electronic copy of a published UK patent or patent application.

You can use uncertified copies for personal reference or research.

Copies cost £5.

You can’t use uncertified copies to register your patent outside the UK or to prove ownership, eg in a court case. You’ll need a certified copy instead.

Some information about published UK patents, eg drawings and claims, is available free from the Online Patent Information and Document Inspection Service (Ipsum).

You can’t apply online from 1am to 3am (UK time).

Start now on the Intellectual Property Office service


You’ll need:

  • the patent publication or application number
  • an email address where the requested copies can be sent
  • a postal address - if the files are too large you’ll be sent them on CD
  • a debit or credit card, or an Intellectual Property Office (IPO) deposit account

You can also order an uncertified paper copy.

Download and fill in patents form 23.

You can either:

  • post it to the address on the form, along with a payment sheet
  • fax the form and payment sheet to 01633 817 777

You can use this form to request uncertified copies for multiple patents or patent applications.