St Helena

The local currency is the Saint Helena Pound which is linked at parity to the British Pound (Sterling). Notes and coins are similar in denomination and appearance to their UK counterparts. Banking services on St Helena and Ascension Island are provided by the Bank of St. Helena. Sterling is accepted in shops and restaurants on the island but change will often be given in Saint Helena Pounds.

Credit cards are not widely used, although a few outlets and businesses will accept them. You will be charged a commission for using your credit card. Bank of St. Helena can advance cash against credit or debit cards. All cash advances are subject to charges and you will need identification bearing a photograph and signature. The Bank of St. Helena also offers foreign exchange facilities.

Travellers’ cheques can be cashed at the Bank. You will need to change back any surplus local currency before leaving, as it is not possible to exchange St Helenian notes or coins once back in the UK. St Helena currency is accepted on Ascension Island and on the RMS St Helena.


Credit cards are accepted at the Chandlery and the NAAFI shop on Travellers Hill, but otherwise are not in general use. There is one bank - the Bank of St Helena - but no cash machines, although cashback is available at some stores. Travellers’ cheques are accepted. While the official currency is the St Helena pound, sterling bank notes are accepted in all shops and bars and the US base will accept US dollars, sterling or St Helena currency. The St Helena pound is fixed at a rate of one pound Sterling. Foreign currency (including Euros) can be exchanged at the bank, which also cashes UK cheques with proof of identify and a cheque guarantee card.   The Bank can also accept debit and credit cards. Charges may apply.

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan does not have the facilities to accept credit cards, only hard currency (British Sterling). Sterling is the currency used on the Island. There is a small bank that can exchange currency but supply is limited.