Local laws and customs

All residents and visitors are required by law to carry an acceptable form of identification at all times. Foreign residents are issued with identity cards. You should carry a photocopy of the details page of your passport, as well as a copy of your entrance stamp.

Don’t become involved with drugs, as there are severe penalties for drug trafficking and possession. Prison sentences are mandatory, without bail, and prison standards are poor.

Homosexuality is not illegal and there is a small, active LGBT community in Asunción. There are no provisions, however, in Paraguayan law guaranteeing freedom from discrimination on any grounds, including sexual orientation. Same-sex marriages or unions are not recognised in Paraguay and public displays of affection between same-sex couples are likely to be frowned upon. You can find more local information on the website of the SOMOSGAY association. See our information and advice page for the LGBT community before you travel.