There is no British Embassy in Equatorial Guinea. In an emergency, you can get consular assistance from the British Honorary Consul in Malabo. See Consular assistance.

Be alert and take sensible personal security precautions. Roadblocks and unannounced identification checks are likely. Carry an appropriate form of identification (passport or residence permit) with you at all times. See Crime and Road travel.

If you wish to travel outside Malabo on the island of Bioko, or outside Bata on the mainland, you will need to inform the local authorities in advance. See Local travel.

Flights to/from Sao Tome et Principe, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Republic of Congo, Benin, Togo, Nigeria and Gabon have now resumed. However, vessels travelling to/from west, central or east Africa are not being granted permission to berth or depart from Malabo port. Equatorial Guinea has also suspended issuing visas for those intending to travel to Equatorial Guinea from central and west Africa. This has been introduced as a preventative measure against the spread of Ebola to Equatorial Guinea.

The Equatorial Guinea government has requested that west and central African countries instruct their embassies in Equatorial Guinea to suspend issuing visas (to Equatorial Guinea nationals or foreign residents in Equatorial Guinea) for onward travel to any country in west or central Africa.

There have been no cases of Ebola in Equatorial Guinea.

In response to the World Health Organisation’s emergency recommendations about the spread of polio virus, the government of Equatorial Guinea now requires all departing travellers who have spent more than 4 weeks in the country to provide evidence of vaccination against polio. See the advice issued by the National Travel Health Network and Centre about protection from the polio virus.

There have been attacks of armed robbery on commercial shipping vessels in the Gulf of Guinea. See Sea travel.

There is a low threat from terrorism. See Terrorism.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.