Although Ecuador doesn’t have a history of terrorism, in 2018 there have been a number of bomb explosions and kidnappings in the northern province of Esmeraldas, bordering Colombia.

On 27 January, a car bomb was detonated outside a police station in the town of San Lorenzo. Twenty eight people were injured, and the Ecuadorean government declared a state of emergency in Esmeraldas. A further bomb attack on 20 March in Mataje left 4 soldiers dead and 11 injured. The Ecuadorean authorities have declared these attacks to be terrorist incidents.

On 26 March, 2 journalists and their driver from the leading local newspaper, El Comercio, were kidnapped and subsequently killed. On 17 April, an Ecuadorean couple were also kidnapped and killed. These kidnappings and bomb attacks occurred within 20km of the border, an area to which the FCO advise against all travel.

On 4 April a home-made explosive was detonated in the town of Viche, on one of the main roads connecting the highlands to the coast and various popular beach destinations. This was outside the 20km exclusion zone, in the area of Esmeraldas province to which the FCO advise against all but essential travel.

If you’re undertaking essential travel in this area, be aware that the security situation can change very quickly. You should pay close attention to warnings issued by the Ecuadorean authorities, be particularly cautious and vigilant, and monitor this travel advice regularly.

There’s considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals, from groups or individuals motivated by conflict in Iraq and Syria. You should be vigilant at this time.

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