The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to the Chittagong Hill Tracts. This does not include the city of Chittagong or other parts of Chittagong Division. See Chittagong Hill Tracts

There is a high threat from terrorism in Bangladesh. There have been a number of terrorist attacks since September 2015, including the murders of two foreign nationals and the attempted murder of an Italian priest. In addition there have been two attacks on the Shia community in which three people have died and a knife attack at a police checkpoint in Dhaka in which one police officer was killed. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has claimed responsibility for all of these attacks.

Further attacks targeting westerners may occur and could be indiscriminate. You should be particularly vigilant, consider your movements carefully and take appropriate security precautions. Keep a low profile in all public spaces and limit your attendance at events where westerners may gather, for example in hotels or conference centres. See Terrorism

There is continuing tension between the government and the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) led alliance. Protests and demonstrations can quickly turn violent and lead to clashes with law enforcement agencies. Violent attacks, incidents of arson, and vandalism can suddenly break out across the country, mainly in towns and cities.

Remain vigilant and take appropriate security precautions. Take particular care where there are large gatherings, political offices and rallies. See Safety and security.

Tropical cyclones and flooding can affect parts of the country. You should monitor the progress of approaching weather systems on the website of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, and follow the advice of local authorities. See Natural disasters

Bangladesh lies in a zone of seismic activity. Strong tremors from the Nepal earthquake were felt in Dhaka and other areas of the country on 25 April 2015. There were reports of some buildings tilting in Dhaka. In the event of an earthquake you should remain vigilant, stay in a place of safety and follow any advice provided by the local authorities.

The Overseas Business Risk service offers information and advice for British companies operating overseas on how to manage political, economic, and business security-related risks.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.  

Up to 75,000 British nationals visit Bangladesh every year. Most visits are trouble free.