1. Find a visa application centre

    Find the address, contact details and opening times of the UK visa application centre for your country

  2. Visa premium service centres

    Premium service centres are now closed. You may still be able to pay for a faster decision when you apply for your visa or settlement online.

  3. Application for UK visa in Burma: extra information required

    Form to bring to appointment when applying for a UK visa in Burma.

  4. Form for bulk passport collection: Russian visa application centre

    Form for a group leader to collect multiple passports from a UK visa application centre in Russia. Form is in English and in Russian.

  5. Consent to processing personal information: Russian Federation

    Form for UK visa applicants in Russian Federation to give permission for personal details and biometric information to be taken and used

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Applying for a UK visa: approved English language tests
  2. UK Visa fee - Pakistan
  3. Where to apply: ECB05
  4. Tuberculosis test for a UK visa: clinics in Kenya
  5. Visa processing times from South Africa
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News and communications

  1. Changes to user pays visa application centres on 1 September 2015
  2. User Pays Visa Application Centre fee frozen and changes to the network
  3. Harare Visa Application Centre Closure
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