School buildings and land

How to develop school land sustainably. Design and maintenance, transactions and guidelines, standards for school premises.

General information and guidance

  1. Concrete cladding - monitoring building condition

    Departmental guidance to support monitoring of building condition by schools and responsible bodies.

  2. Condition Improvement Fund: 2017 to 2018 outcome

    Information for schools and sixth-form colleges about the outcome of CIF 2017 to 2018

  3. Property data survey programme

    Information about the property data survey programme (PDSP), which provides up-to-date and accurate information on the condition of schools.

  4. Top tips to reduce energy and water use in schools

    This publication suggests practical ways for schools to become more sustainable, should they choose to, whilst at the same time saving money.

School buildings and land guidelines

Design and maintenance, acoustics, lighting, ventilation, outdoor space, baseline designs, fire safety, emergency and risk management.

  1. Asbestos data collection in schools

    Short questionnaire to gather data on asbestos in schools.

  2. Asbestos management in schools

    Guidance for school leaders, governors, local authorities and academy trusts.

  3. BB93: acoustic design of schools - performance standards

    Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) explains minimum performance standards for the acoustics of school buildings.

  4. Building Bulletin 100: design for fire safety in schools

    Building Bulletin issue 100, providing a design guide for fire safety in schools.

  5. Building Bulletin 101: ventilation for school buildings

    Building Bulletin issue 101, giving information about ventilation for school buildings.

  6. Building Bulletin 102: disabled children and children with SEN

    Building Bulletin issue 102, giving information about designing schools for disabled children and children with special educational needs.

  7. Building Bulletin 90: lighting design for schools

    Building Bulletin issue 90, giving information about lighting design for schools.

  8. Building Bulletin 98 and 99: school project briefing frameworks

    Information about briefing frameworks for secondary and primary school projects.

  9. ClassVent and ClassCool: school ventilation design tool

    ClassVent and ClassCool tools for use in designing school ventilation and preventing summertime overheating.

  10. EFA daylight design guide

    Guidance about climate-based daylight design for schools.

  11. Essential School Maintenance - a guide for schools

    Effective maintenance of school buildings to support the delivery of education

  12. Fire risk from school maintenance or building works

    Supporting schools to manage fire risks when undertaking construction or maintenance activities involving hot works such as roof repairs

  13. Mainstream schools: Schedule of Accommodation tools

    An interactive tool to give a schedule of all spaces needed in mainstream school buildings for all age ranges from 3 to 19.

  14. School building design and maintenance

    Information about school building design and maintenance.

  15. Standards for school premises

    Guidance to help schools and local authorities understand their obligations in relation to the School Premises Regulations 2012.

School buildings and land transactions

Consent for property transactions, protection of school land, transfer and disposal requirements, property information notes.

  1. Academy property transactions

    Property information notes (PINs) and forms for academy trusts seeking consent for property transactions.

  2. Academy property transactions: advice and forms

    Property information notes (PINs) and forms relating to academy property transactions.

  3. Capital transactions: sixth-form colleges

    Statutory guidance setting out the responsibilities of sixth-form colleges (SFCs) regarding capital transactions.

  4. Playing fields and school land: selling or change of use

    Guidance on protecting school playing fields and schools' powers to protect land.

  5. Schedule 1: disposing of school land

    Changes to the requirements for disposing of school land under Schedule 1 to the Academies Act 2010 (formerly Schedule 35A disposals).

  6. Schedule 22: School Standards and Framework Act 1998

    Schedule 22 to the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 .

  7. School land and property: protection, transfer and disposal

    Information and guidance about the protection of school playing fields and disposal of assets.

  8. Schools Adjudicator: make an objection, appeal or referral

    Forms and guidance for objecting to a school's admission arrangements; how schools can appeal against local authority decisions.

  9. Section 554 orders: advice for diocese

    Advice for diocese about how to apply for an order under Section 554 of the Education Act 1996.