Condition Improvement Fund: 2017 to 2018 outcome

Information for schools and sixth-form colleges about the outcome of CIF 2017 to 2018



Successful applications for CIF 2017 to 2018

We received over 3,800 applications this year. As agreed with ministers, the highest CIF priorities were compliance; health and safety; and projects which address the most significant building condition.

On 3 April, we announced that £466 million had been approved through the CIF 2017 to 2018 main round for 1,435 projects. Following the appeals process, we approved a further 75 projects, totalling £30 million.

This is helping to ensure that children across the country can enjoy good quality school and college buildings that are safe and fit for learning.

We have sent information about the outcomes to all applicants.

CIF 2017 to 2018 additional funding

Additional funding has been made available for CIF 2017 to 2018 projects. As a result, we can support a further 141 high quality projects, totalling £40 million. These projects narrowly missed the threshold when the CIF funding outcomes were announced in April 2017.

CIF appeals

We have now published the outcomes of the CIF 2017 to 2018 appeals.

We will announce details of the next CIF round in autumn 2017.

Next steps for successful projects

If you have been successful in securing funding for your project(s), further information is now available on the CIF portal This includes:

  • the terms and conditions of your grant or loan allocation

  • funding payment profiles

  • loan details

Successful projects need relevant approvals where appropriate before we can make payments. This can include significant change, planning permission(s) and consent(s).

If you were successful you will need to log on to the CIF portal and complete the following actions:

  • accept the terms and conditions of funding (accessed from the Current Projects page)

  • check the payment profile meets your project needs

  • check that your contact information is up-to date

Next steps for unsuccessful projects

If your project does not appear on the successful projects tables then we regret to inform you that we are unable to provide funding at this stage.

The significant number of applications means that we have prioritised those with evidence of the greatest need.

Information on project scores and feedback is available on the CIF portal.


If you need further advice, please contact us using:

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Published 3 April 2017
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  1. Includes the list of high scoring projects that have obtained CIF funding following the announcement of additional funding for the 2017 to 2018 round.

  2. This advises that the list of successful appeals has now been published.

  3. Amended to confirm launch of the 2017-18 CIF appeals guidance.

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