Condition Improvement Fund (CIF): Appeals outcome 2017 to 2018

Contains the list of successful appeals projects for the 2017 to 2018 CIF round


CIF 2017 to 2018 successful appeals projects list

This file is in an OpenDocument format


CIF 2017 to 2018 successful appeals

We’ve now published the list of successful appeals for the CIF 2017 to 2018 round.

If you submitted an appeal and your project appears on this list, we’ll contact you shortly to confirm what happens next.

CIF 2017 to 2018 unsuccessful appeals

If your project doesn’t appear on the list then your appeal has not been successful.

This decision is final, there is no further stage in the appeals process and we’re unable to consider any requests to review this decision.

CIF was oversubscribed this year and we were unable to fund a number of good schemes.

We will publish details of the next CIF round in the autumn.

Published 18 July 2017