Pupil performance in schools

Research and evaluation of teaching methods and strategies for increasing children's attainment in education.


  1. Lord Glenamara Memorial Prize: nomination form

    Form for headteachers and principals to nominate pupils from their schools for the Lord Glenamara Memorial Prize.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. School reports on pupil performance: guide for headteachers
  2. Assessment principles: school curriculum
  3. Lord Glenamara Memorial Prize: nominate outstanding pupils
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News and communications

  1. County Durham student awarded Lord Glenamara memorial prize
  2. Study reveals a quarter of schoolchildren hope to work in science
  3. Sir Michael Wilshaw speech at IPPR
  4. Educational outcomes in Greater Manchester and Knowsley
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Research and statistics

  1. Secondary school performance tables in England: 2018 (provisional)
  2. Secondary school performance tables in England: 2017 (revised)
  3. PIRLS 2016: reading literacy performance in England
  4. PISA 2015: national report for England
  5. Subject excellence clusters: evaluation
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Lord Glenamara Memorial prize winners
  2. Pupil nationality, country of birth and proficiency in English
  3. School performance and house prices: analysis
  4. A level attainment by pupil characteristics
  5. Powers to facilitate innovation: annual report 2010
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