Medical device alerts archived in December 2015

A list of all medical device alerts that were archived in December 2015.

Following our latest review of medical devices, we have archived the ones listed below.

Reference Title
MDA/2014/041 Babytherm infant warmers and open infant care units for newborns. Manufactured by Draeger Medical.
MDA/2014/042 Hudson RCI© nebulizer adaptors and Aquapak sterile water with nebulizer adaptors. Manufactured by Teleflex Medical.
MDA/2014/045R Central venous catheters: Multicath Expert 5 lumen (9.5FG/16cm) Manufactured by Vygon.
MDA/2014/046 Toshiba ultrasound transducers, Toshiba ultrasound transducers
MDA/2014/047 Autopen insulin pen injection devices. Manufacturer: Owen Mumford.
MDA/2014/048 IW900-series infant warmers. Manufactured by Fisher and Paykel Healthcare.
Published 16 December 2015