Medical device alerts archived in October 2016

A list of all medical device alerts that were archived in October 2016.

Following our latest review of medical device alerts, we have archived the ones listed below.

Reference Title
MDA/2004/045 Medtronic implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) models GEM® DR 7271 and Micro Jewel® II 7223Cx
MDA/2005/045 St Jude Medical implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs)
MDA/2006/038 Guidant implantable pacemaker and implantable defibrillator families: INSIGNIA, NEXUS, CONTAK RENEWAL TR, CONTAK RENEWAL TR 2, VENTAK PRIZM 2 VITALITY, VITALITY 2
MDA/2008/046 Lancing devices (used in pharmacy settings) – all brands - risk of transmission of blood borne infections
MDA/2011/096 Reusable laryngoscope handles - all models and manufacturers - lack of decontamination
MDA/2013/055R Days walking stick. Model 404. Manufactured by Patterson Medical Ltd. Affected batch codes: HC1207, HC1242 and HC1249
MDA/2013/060 Wheeled and non-wheeled walking frames (all models). Manufactured by Patterson Medical. Batch codes from DMW12013 to DMW82013 inclusive
MDA/2015/025 1. TransWarmer infant transport mattress, 2. NovaPlus TransWarmer infant heat therapy mattress with WarmGel, 3. Infant heel warmer , Manufactured by CooperSurgical under different brand names
MDA/2015/026 Haemodialysis: CRIT-LINE® blood chamber - product code CL10021021. Manufactured by Fresenius USA Manufacturing Inc. / Hemametrics
MDA/2015/028 Automatically retracting safety syringes, including insulin syringes, manufactured by Medicina Ltd
MDA/2015/030 Shiley neonatal and paediatric tracheostomy tubes, manufactured by Medtronic (previously Covidien): specific product and lot numbers are affected
MDA/2015/031 Home-use blood glucose monitoring system: Accu-Chek Mobile meter and Accu-Chek Mobile test cassette – manufactured by Roche Diabetes Care
MDA/2015/032 Charging base for surgical hair clippers - recall of specific lots due to risk of fire
MDA/2015/033 Sterile electrosurgical forceps and electrodes
MDA/2015/035 Enteral syringe pumps P500, P700 and P900 – recall because CE marking is invalid
Published 27 October 2016