Medical device alerts archived in January 2017

Following our latest review of medical device alerts, we have archived the ones listed below.

Reference Title
MDA/2003/044 Transilluminators used with neonates
MDA/2006/065 St Jude Medical Pacemakers: Identify SR Model 5172, Identify DR Model 5370 & Identify XL DR Model 5376. St Jude Medical Programmers: APS III Model 3500, APS III Model 3510 & Merlin PCS Model 3650
MDA/2006/066 Lancing devices used in nursing homes and care homes
MDA/2007/095 External temporary cardiac pacemaker. Bedside model 4170 serial numbers: 1 – 998. Manufactured by APC Medical Ltd
MDA/2010/001 Medical devices in general and non-medical products - reminder of risks
MDA/2010/070 LIFEPAK 20/20e defibrillator/monitor. Manufactured by Medtronic/Physio-Control
MDA/2013/066 HeartStart XL defibrillator/monitor with M3516A batteries of lot number with ‘LK’ prefix. Manufactured by Philips
MDA/2013/074 BD NeoflonTM IV cannula Manufactured by Becton Dickinson
MDA/2013/085 GemStar docking station for use with specific GemStar infusion pumps. Manufactured by Hospira
MDA/2014/044 Mains power lead used with Omnifuse syringe pumps (all models). Part number 0151-0651. Manufactured by Smiths Medical International Ltd
MDA/2015/037 Sapphire multi-therapy and epidural pumps – update to instructions for use regarding fluctuations in flow rate accuracy in epidural mode
MDA/2015/039 Home use blood glucose monitoring system: GlucoMen LX Sensor test strips – risk of over-estimation of blood glucose
Published 6 January 2017