Medical device alerts archived in July 2016

A list of all medical device alerts that were archived in July 2016.

Following our latest review of medical device alerts, we have archived the ones listed below.

Reference Title
MDA/2004/019 Medtronic implantable defibrillators, models: Marquis VR 7230, Marquis DR 7274, InSync Marquis 7277
MDA/2004/020 Reusable nebulisers
MDA/2005/037 Guidant VENTAK PRIZM® 2 DR implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)- Model No 1861 - see Appendix for full list of affected serial numbers
MDA/2005/038 Guidant CONTAK RENEWAL®, (Model H135) and CONTAK RENEWAL® 2 (Model H155) implantable cardiac resynchronisation therapy defibrillators (CRT-Ds)
MDA/2007/040 Primus anaesthetic workstation supplied by Draeger Medical UK Ltd
MDA/2007/045 Laryngoscope handle: Optima XL stubby handle, manufactured by Timesco of London Ltd. Models: 3000.308.10 and 3000.308.10T
MDA/2013/037 SERVO-i ventilator system battery modules.Manufactured by Maquet
MDA/2013/086 Pressure reducing air mattresses: ClinActiv and ClinActiv Plus Therapy Surface. Manufactured by Hill-Rom.  Models N02050, N02051, P02062, P02063, P02064 and P02065.  All  serial numbers are affected
MDA/2014/022 Central venous catheters: various pressure injectable, multi-lumen and multi-lumen with Arrowg+ard® antimicrobial surface. Manufactured by Arrow International (a division of Teleflex)
MDA/2014/024 HeartStart MRx defibrillator/monitor.  Model numbers M3535A and M3536A with Q-CPR™ meter option B08.  Manufactured by Philips.  Specific serial numbers affected
MDA/2014/028 Procedure packs containing various central venous catheters manufactured by Arrow International (a division of Teleflex)
MDA/2015/001 All Accu-Chek Spirit Combo insulin infusion pumps. Manufactured by Roche Diagnostics Ltd
MDA/2015/002 HomeChoice automated peritoneal dialysis system and HomeChoice PRO automated peritoneal dialysis system. Manufactured by Baxter Healthcare Ltd
MDA/2015/003 Negative pressure wound therapy. Renasys™ range manufactured by Smith & Nephew
MDA/2015/004 Endobronchial tubes, various product codes
MDA/2015/004R Endobronchial tubes, various product codes
MDA/2015/007 Vyclic Colour 3-way stopcock 2FL/1ML manufactured by Vygon
MDA/2015/008 Breathing system components.  Various product codes and specific batches.  Manufactured by Inmed, supplied by Teleflex
MDA/2015/009 Defibrillation electrodes for children manufactured by Leonhard Lang. Supplied under various brand names and product codes
MDA/2015/011 Satella-X ceiling suspended skull x-ray unit. Manufactured by NRT. Distributed from 1980 to 2006 inclusive
MDA/2015/014 V-Green spinal needle 25G pack. Product code 0181.052. Manufactured by Vygon
MDA/2015/015 Hudson RCI© humidifier adaptors and Aquapak sterile water with humidifier adaptors.  Manufactured by Teleflex Medical.  Specific product and lot numbers are affected
MDA/2015/016 All Mackworth Healthcare Ltd slings fitted with a DOSEC® clip
MDA/2015/020 Specific ResMed ventilators with Adaptive ServoVentilation mode of ventilation
MDA/2015/021 Philips ventilators:  BiPAP autoSV/BiPAP autoSV Advanced devices
MDA/2015/021R Philips ventilators:  BiPAP autoSV, BiPAP autoSV Advanced, OmniLab Advanced, OmniLab Advanced + and HeartPAP devices
Published 25 July 2016