Medical device alerts archived in July 2015

A list of all medical device alerts that were archived in July 2015.

We’ve reviewed all our medical device alerts and have archived the ones listed below.

Reference Title
MDA/2014/010 GemStar infusion system - risk of delay to patient therapy - list numbers: 13000, 13100, 13150 (Hospira).
MDA/2014/012 Laboratory reagents requiring manual handling for use in combination with cobas c 502 analyser (made by Hitachi, supplied by Roche).
MDA/2014/016 Reusable latex breathing bags - potential for acute allergic reactions (Dräger).
MDA/2014/017 Alaris® SmartSite® needle-free valve - risk of delay to treatment (CareFusion).
MDA/2014/021 Accu-Chek home use blood glucose meters - may give falsely high readings (Roche).
MDA/2014/023 Adaptors for Shelfpak humidifier and Aquapak sterile water - risk of packaging not being sealed properly (Teleflex Medical).
MDA/2014/025 ReTurn 7400 and ReTurn 7500 turning aids - risk of injury due to wing handles coming loose (Handicare AB).
MDA/2014/026 Accu-Chek home use blood glucose meters - falsely low blood glucose readings (Roche)
MDA/2014/029 Ventstar disposable breathing systems - potential for loose adhesive residue (Draeger).
MDA/2014/030 Synthes trauma external fixation system - change in instructions for use (DePuy Synthes).
MDA/2014/031 Standard offset cup impactor - potential for infection (manufactured by Greatbatch, distributed in the UK by JRI Limited and Stryker UK Limited).
Published 12 August 2015