Criminal injuries compensation tribunal

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If you lose your appeal

There’s no right of appeal but you may be able to ask for a ‘judicial review’ of the decision if you think the decision was wrong for a legal reason. This means they may hear the case again.

Contact a solicitor for legal advice if you’re unsure.

Before you apply

Before applying for a judicial review:

  • write to the tribunal, saying why you think the decision was wrong
  • ask for written reasons for its decision

You must do this within 1 month of the date of the decision.

How to apply - England and Wales

You must get permission from the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) if you live in England or Wales.

Fill in the judicial review claim form and return it to the address on the form.

Find out more about appealing to the Upper Tribunal.

How to apply - Scotland

You must get permission from the Court of Session if you live in Scotland by using the application for leave to appeal form.

Send the form to:

Outer House
Court of Session
Parliament House
Parliament Square

Scottish Courts
Telephone: 0131 225 2595
Fax: 0131 240 6711
Find out about call charges