What the Admiralty Court does

We handle shipping and maritime disputes. Cases that we hear include:

  • collisions between ships
  • disputes over the transport of cargo
  • salvage of a ship, cargo or crew
  • disputes over goods supplied to a ship
  • disputes over mortgages and other security over ships
  • claims by passengers for injuries suffered
  • claims by ship crew for unpaid wages
  • claims by shipowners to limit liability for loss or damage

We handle both claims brought against the owner of a ship (‘in personam’ claims) and claims brought against the ship itself (‘in rem’ claims). We can also hear claims brought against other types of crafts (for example aircraft) as well as cargo.

We can seize (‘arrest’) ships and cargos to prevent them being moved and can also sell them within England and Wales.

Who we are

We are a specialist court, part of the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice.

We are based in the Rolls Building, London. Cases are heard by one Admiralty judge, whilst other matters may be heard by the Admiralty registrar. Arrests, release and the sale of ships are handled by the Admiralty marshal.

Court information

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Admiralty Court
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020 7947 6826

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