Case references used by the Royal Courts of Justice and Rolls Building

Commonly used references to identify cases used by the offices of the Royal Courts of Justice and Rolls Building.

The offices and courts within the Royal Courts of Justice and Rolls Building hear a wide variety of different cases. A number of different case references are used to identify these.

This guide will help identify which court is hearing your case.

Contact telephone numbers for our courts and offices can be found in our Court and Tribunal Finder Service.

Common Reference Numbers

Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive and is for guidance only.

Court of Appeal Criminal Division

Example reference number:
2011 01234 (A, B, C or D)1

Court of Appeal Civil Division

Example reference number:
(A, B, C or D)1/2011/1234

Administrative Court

Example prefixes:

Chancery Judges / Chancery Appeals

Example reference numbers:
1234 of 2011

Admiralty & Commercial Court

Example reference number:
2011 Folio 1234

King’s Bench Judges / King’s Bench Appeals

Example reference numbers:
TLQ 11/0123
TLJ 11/0123
IHQ 11/0123

Family Division

Example prefixes:

Technology & Construction Court

Example reference number:

Intellectual Property & Enterprise Court - Rolls Building Patents

Example reference number:

Intellectual Property & Enterprise Court - Thomas Moore Small Claims Track

Example reference number:

Central London County Court

Example reference numbers:
CL1399AA999 CLA99AA999

Business and Property Courts


Example reference numbers:
BL-2020- 000000
FS-2020- 000000
PE-2020- 000000
CP-2020- 000000
IL-2020- 000000
IP-2020- 000000
HP-2020- 000000
PT-2020- 000000
RL-2020- 000000

Commercial Court

Example reference numbers:
CL-2020- 000000
LM-2020- 000000
FL-2020- 000000


Example reference number:
AD-2020- 000000

Technology and Construction Court

Example reference number:
HT-2020- 000000

Insolvency & Companies List

Example reference numbers:
BR-2020- 000000
CR-2020- 000000

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