Linergy / Ulster Farm By-Products merger inquiry

The CMA investigated the completed acquisition by Linergy Limited of Ulster Farm By-Products Limited.

Administrative timetable

Phase 2 date Action
11 January 2016 Statutory deadline
6 January 2016 Publish final report
10 December 2015 Final deadline for all parties’ responses/submissions
19 November 2015 Notifying provisional findings and considering possible remedies
Late October 2015 Deadline for all parties’ responses/submissions required before provisional findings
15 October 2015 Main party hearing
October 2015 Verifying information, considering provisional findings
August/September 2015 Hear third parties
26 August 2015 Publish statement of issues
August 2015 Gathering information, issuing questionnaires
28 July 2015 Merger reference made

Phase 2


Final report

Provisional findings

19 November 2015: The CMA has provisionally cleared Linergy’s completed acquisition of Ulster Farm By-Products.


The publication of the evidence of any party on the CMA’s web pages does not indicate in any way endorsement by the CMA of the views expressed in the evidence or acceptance of that evidence. Publication in this way is designed to assist public understanding of the issues.

Hearing summaries

Initial submissions

The CMA’s merger inquiry is independent and welcomes submissions from all interested parties.

Issues statement

26 August 2015: The issues statement sets out the scope of the investigation. It outlines initial theories on what might be adversely affecting competition, but it does not set out findings or conclusions.

Inquiry group appointed

30 July 2015: The CMA has appointed the inquiry group.

Phil Evans (Inquiry Chair), Ros Hedley-Miller, Michael Hutchings and Tim Tutton.

Terms of reference

29 July 2015: The CMA has referred the completed acquisition by Linergy Limited of Ulster Farm By-Products Limited for an in-depth phase 2 investigation.

Phase 1

Phase 1 date Action
21 August 2015 Decision published
17 July 2015 Decision announced
22 May 2015 Launch of merger inquiry
20 May to 4 June 2015 Invitation to comment
19 March 2015 Initial enforcement order

Reference decision

Reference unless undertakings accepted

The full text of the decision is available below.

Launch of merger inquiry

22 May 2015: The CMA announced the launch of its merger inquiry by notice to the parties.

Initial enforcement order

Published 20 May 2015
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