Claim and deal with Child Benefit for someone else

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You can apply for the right to deal with the Child Benefit of someone who can’t manage their own affairs, for example because they’re mentally incapable or severely disabled.

This is called becoming an ‘appointee’.

You can apply as an individual or as a voluntary organisation.

If you’re paid to deal with someone else’s Child Benefit, you’re known as a ‘paid agent’.

You’re not an appointee if you just help someone complete their claim form.

How to become an appointee

Contact the Child Benefit Office to apply. They’ll discuss if becoming an appointee is the best option and tell you what you need to do.

You can arrange with someone’s bank or the Post Office to collect their payments without becoming an appointee.

Your responsibilities

As an appointee, you must do things like:

The Child Benefit will be paid into your bank account.

How to become a paid agent

Your client must send a letter to the Child Benefit Office, saying you can deal with Child Benefit on their behalf.

Stop or change an appointee or paid agent

Write to the Child Benefit Office within one month of when you want to stop or change the appointee.