Change your name by deed poll

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Make your own deed poll

You need to be 16 or over to make an ‘unenrolled’ deed poll.

Some organisations may not accept a deed poll you’ve made yourself as proof of your new name. Ask the organisation you’re dealing with (for example your bank) if they need an ‘enrolled’ deed poll instead.

A specialist agency or a solicitor can make the deed poll for you - they may charge a fee.

How to make your own deed poll

You’ll need 2 witnesses to sign your deed poll. They must be 18 or over.

Some organisations will not accept a deed poll if a witness lives at the same address or is a close relative.

Use the following wording. Replace the words in the square brackets with the relevant details.

Name change deed

“I [old name] of [your address] have given up my name [old name] and have adopted for all purposes the name [new name].

“Where applicable, I have informed the police that I have given up my name [old name] and have adopted the name [new name] and understand that a failure to do so is a criminal offence.

“I also understand that when I apply for official documents in my new name, such as a British Passport, the relevant authorities may check the history and validity of my old name [old name] and new name [new name]. They may also check the information in any other supporting documents they have requested.

“Signed as a deed on [date] as [old name] and [new name] in the presence of [witness 1 name] of [witness 1 address], and [witness 2 name] of [witness 2 address].

“[your new signature], [your old signature]

“[witness 1 signature], [witness 2 signature]”

After you’ve made your deed poll

You can use your signed deed poll straight away as proof of your new name.

It’s a criminal offence if you’re a registered offender and you do not tell the police you’ve changed your name.