Send DVLA your old driving licence along with the right application form and any supporting documents to change your name or gender.

The process is the same if you want to change your title, for example from Ms to Dr. You don’t need to send evidence unless it’s a hereditary title.

You’ll get a new licence. You can still drive while you wait for your new licence.

It doesn’t cost anything to change your name or gender on your driving licence.

You must also update your V5C vehicle registration certificate (log book) if you change your name.

There’s a different process in Northern Ireland.

Fill in the application form

Fill in:

  • form D1 ‘Application for a driving licence’ if you have a car or motorbike licence
  • form D2 ‘Application for a lorry/bus licence’ if you have a lorry or bus licence

You can order the forms from DVLA or get them from most Post Offices.

Send your completed form to DVLA with:

  • your photocard or paper driving licence
  • any original documents that confirm your new name or gender

If you have a paper driving licence

You must send a recent passport-style photo.

If you want to change your photo at the same time

You need to send:

  • a recent passport-style photo
  • a cheque or postal order for £17, payable to DVLA (there’s no fee if you’re over 70 or have a medical short period licence)

If you can’t send your old driving licence

You can still apply if your old licence has been lost, stolen or destroyed. You’ll have to say what happened to it when you fill in the form.

Where to send your application

Send your application for a new car or motorbike licence to:

SA99 1BN

Send your application for a new lorry or bus licence to:

SA99 1BR

When to expect your licence

You usually get your new driving licence within 3 weeks of applying.

It’ll take longer if DVLA has to check your health or personal details.

Allow at least 3 weeks for your licence to arrive before contacting DVLA.