A Benefits Integrity Centre (BIC) may contact you to review your benefits claim - this is called a claim review.

A BIC may contact you if you’re claiming:

  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance

If you’re contacted by a BIC they will ask for information similar to the information you gave when claiming benefit. The BIC will tell you when you need to provide them with the information.

If you don’t tell them in time, your benefit payments may be stopped.

You should check that any letter, text or phone call from a BIC is genuine.

Letters and forms

Any letters and forms will have the Jobcentre Plus logo.

Contact Jobcentre Plus to find out if a letter you’ve received from a BIC is genuine. Use the number on the letter Jobcentre Plus sent you about your benefit. They’ll be able to tell you if a BIC is checking your claim.

Phone calls

When a BIC phones you, they’ll ask some security questions to check your identity.

You’ll never be asked for your bank account number or sort code to check your identity. You will be asked for the name of your bank as part of the review.

Text messages

The BIC sends text messages as reminders to:

  • return forms
  • tell them about changes in your circumstances

Text messages from a BIC will show the phone number as “Jobcentre Plus” or “Jobcentre +”.

The message will be for information only - you’ll never be asked to reply by text message.

Appeal a BIC decision

You have the right to appeal if you disagree with a decision made by a BIC. You will be told how to appeal in the letter the BIC sends you.