Operating centres

Your operating centre is where your vehicles are normally kept when not in use. When you apply for an operator’s licence, you’ll be asked to give the address of your proposed centre(s) and information about the numbers of trailers and vehicles you will keep there.

You’ll need to show that your operating centre:

  • is large enough
  • has safe access
  • is in an environmentally acceptable location

If you don’t own the operating centre, you must show that you’re allowed to use it.

Advertising your application for a goods vehicle operator’s licence

You must advertise your application for a licence in a local newspaper and supply details of your proposed operating centre. This advertisement must appear at least once in the period from 21 days before to 21 days after you make your application, to give people the chance to object.

Your application may be refused if you don’t advertise the centre properly.

Objecting to an application for a goods vehicle operator licence

Local councils, planning authorities, police, trade associations, trade unions and other bodies may object to your application for a licence.

Objections may be made on the grounds of:

  • your fitness to operate
  • your financial arrangements
  • your professional competence
  • the environmental impact of the operating centre
  • the general suitability of the centre

Your operating centre will need to meet certain conditions and not interfere with any local amenities. Certain things will be taken into account, like:

  • its effect on the surrounding environment
  • planning permissions or applications relating to the centre or the land near it
  • the number, type and size of vehicles using the centre
  • where and how vehicles will park
  • how often and for what purpose the centre will be used