Apply for a visa to travel through the UK: step by step

Check what you need to do before you can apply for a visa to pass through the UK in transit (on your way to another country).

  1. Step 1 Check if you need a visa

    You might be eligible for different visas depending on why you're visiting the UK and how long for.

    1. Check if you need a visa
    2. Compare the different types of short stay visa
  2. Step 2 Check what type of transit visa you need

    The transit visa you need depends on if you need to go through UK border control. You can check this with your airline or travel company.

    1. Check which type of transit visa you need
  3. Step 3 Prepare the evidence you need

  4. Step 4 Apply for a transit visa

    1. Apply for a Direct Airside Transit visa £35
    2. Apply for a Visitor in Transit visa £64
    3. Check where your visa appointment will be

    You should get a decision within 3 weeks of your appointment.

    You might be able to pay an extra £212 for a decision within 5 working days or £956 for a decision within 1 working day. Check with your visa application centre.

  5. Step 5 Attend an appointment

    At your appointment you’ll have your fingerprints and photograph (‘biometric information’) taken.

    After your appointment you'll be told when a decision has been made about your visa.

  6. Step 6 Travel to the UK

    1. Check what you need to show at the UK border
    2. Check what you can bring with you

    Keep the documents that prove why you're visiting the UK in your hand luggage so you can show them if asked.

    1. Check the documents you can use to show why you're visiting the UK

    Check your visa to find out when you must leave the UK. If you break the conditions of your visa you may not be able to return to the UK again.