Apply for energy bill support if you do not get it automatically

This service is now closed for most applicants.

You can contact the helpline team to get help with an existing application.

If you’ve been appointed to act on behalf of someone else

You can still apply for someone else if you’ve been appointed to act on their behalf. For example if you’re a solicitor or a local council, and the person you’re applying for lives in a care home.

You’ll need to:

  • use a business bank account
  • prove you’ve been appointed

To apply contact the helpline team by 16 June 2023.

If they live in a care home

You’ll also need either:

  • an invoice for their care home fees from the past 3 months
  • an official document from the care home including their name and address, a funding statement and the name and address of the care home

Contact the helpline team

Telephone: 0808 175 3287
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Find out about call charges

What you need to know

After you apply, their local council will check they live at the address you apply for.

You’ll be told about the progress of the application by email or letter. You should get a response within 6 weeks.

If they’re eligible, their council will arrange a one-off payment. They do not need to repay this money.