Approved driving instructor (ADI) part 3 test

5. How you're assessed in the test

You’ll be assessed on 3 main areas during your approved driving instructor (ADI) part 3 test:

  • core competencies
  • instructional techniques
  • instructor characteristics

Core competencies

The examiner will assess how well you:

  • identify and prioritise faults
  • analyse and explain faults
  • give instruction to correct faults

Instructional techniques

The examiner will assess how well you:

  • match your level of instruction to the ability and experience of the ‘pupil’
  • plan the lesson
  • control the lesson
  • communicate with the ‘pupil’
  • use question and answer techniques
  • give feedback and encourage the ‘pupil’

The examiner will also assess when and why you use the dual controls.

Instructor characteristics

The examiner will assess whether you:

  • have a relaxed and friendly manner, but aren’t over familiar
  • appear confident, and are able to fill your ‘pupil’ with confidence in a patient and tactful way

You can find driving instructor training if you need help to prepare for the test.